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This Organizer was made for the WERKING Girl on the run. Specifically designed to help you remain accountable for the day and to add a little more organization to your schedule. We understand keeping up with multiple tasks in your life can be a hassle, so we made a little golden book for you to keep track of every moment. Help you keep your year aligned in the the most effective way!

+ Professional Planner and Organizer

 + Daily Management

+ Portable

+ Satisfaction Guaranteed



+ Empowering Driven Women – This Interchangeable daily planner was created to give ladies the organizational support they need to organize your whole life.

+ Track, Plan and Organize – A professional portfolio planner that helps you plan your day, week or month.

 + The WERKING Girl Organizer was created by a woman just like you who balances life, family, budgets, business and personal goals.

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