WERKING Girl Co. Presents: The Fab Finances

We all at some point in our lives had a thought where we said " I need to get my life together". While this could mean something different for each of us, I like to think we would all agree that getting our money together is one of them.

The WERKING Girl Exclusives decided to host an event talking all things money, where our amazing panelists:

Jennifer Matthews (Business & Beyond LLC) + Alaina Fingal ( The Organized Money), helped us get our whole life.

We discussed various topics such as: 

  • Money Organization : Personal + Business

  • Steps to Business Registration + Organization

  • The Importance of Clean Credit 

  • Knowing How to Profit for Purpose

  • Creating Systems In Your Business 

  • Keys to Paying Yourself 

This event allowed everyone an opportunity to build relationships and also gain insight on the tips and tricks to becoming 




Thanks everyone for joining us!!!!

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